Message from the President

ASAHISETSUBI Co.,Ltd. which performs air conditioning duct facility construction in the Kansai region, mainly in Osaka, accepts complete installation work of air duct equipment in buildings, large commercial facilities, and warehouses.

At ASAHISETSUBI Co.,Ltd., we safely deliver the air that people need and create a comfortable indoor environment.

All of our employees will continue to work hard to make our customers happy.
We ask for your continued support in the future.

Representative Director Ikuo Minami

Company Profile

【Company Name】
【Construction Department】
5-12-62-103 Torikai Honmachi, Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture 6 minutes by bus from Monorail “Minamisettsu Station”, get off at “Nishitorikai” and walk 1 minute
 Representative Director Ikuo Minami
April 2007
5,000,000 yen
【Annual sales】
100,000,000 yen
【Accounting month】
in May
【Main bank】
Kita Osaka Shinkin Bank Torikai Branch
7 employees (4 first-class building sheet metal technicians, 4 construction managers)
30 subcontractors (including part-timers)
【Construction License】
Osaka Prefectural Governor License (Sales-30) No. 150758 (Plumbing Business)
【Business content】
Air duct facility construction

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